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Short & Simple - Rowdy Rathore meets Chaahat. 2.5/5 One time watch! Though loved Manasvi boldness :* and the scene where she cuts her hairs off was silly! Who does that in present time and that too when u r living NZ?? (facepalm) So much obsession i tell u.. (drunk)
Answer kyu nahi deta bhai!
coz i don't run after points! :)

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So how to review a movie like Action Jackson??? Let's stick to AJ's dialogue... Pasand aaya toh dil mein nahi toh dimag mein bhi nahi.

Plusses -
1. Those moments in the second half when Ajay Devgn aka Vishy along with Kunal Roy Kapoor goes to Bangkok. This entire episode is funny as well as entertaining with obvious crass jokes.
2. It was fun to was Anandaraj debuting in this movie. He was actually one of the best villain in the 90's who rocked the South Film Industry.
3. For me as a Kannadiga, the first half provides 2 moments - first one is the comedy scene with Kunal Roy Kapoor where the other guy is speaking in Kannada over his phone. Hearing Kannada words got the crowd surprised & wild. Second was when Ajay Devgn dances on the road & Fight Master Ravi Varma joins him in the funny dance. Yeh toh paidaishi dancer hai.
4. The action scenes choreographed by Ravi Varma. Not the first fight but pre-interval fight & the climax fight where Ravi Varma uses his trademark fire fight.
5. And why not, Shahid Kapoor & Prabhas in a cameo in that terrible first song. Plus Prabhu Dheva dancing in the end credits song.
6. The revealation of who is AJ in the pre-interval is well done.

Minusses -
1. Not a single song is bearable. And above that Ajay Devgn trying to dance. It's true - no commitment only punishment.
2. Sonakshi Sinha & her character trying to catch a glimpse of Ajay's penis. The first time it was funny but later when her girl friends joins her in the mission... that's disgusting. And what makes it worse is the so-called love story of Sonakshi Sinha happens because of this... I mean Love at First Sight of Ajay's penis. Give me a break.
3. Almost every character is poorly written so all of them are underutilized.
4. Manasvi well she's hot but she cannot act. That's why you get to see her showing lots of cleavage shots, lots of ***** juggling shots, lots of topless + bareback shots, a showering scene & she appears in bikini twice - unnecessarily. Oh yeah, she shows off her long legs plus thighs just so that Ajay can say "kya leg piece hai". Kudos to the dialogue writers.
5. Unnecessary violence, I mean in one scene Yami Gautam gets beaten more than the hero itself, getting punched & kicked. And she's supposed to be pregnant in that scene.
6. Screenplay runs haywire. There is no purpose for majority of the scenes as well as songs.

Final Word - Action Jackson relies on Manasvi's role entirely which is just a breed of Ramya Krishnan's Neelambari of Padayappa & Sriya Reddy's Eshwari from Thimiru. The problem is Manasvi can't act & Prabhudheva decides not to make her act.

My Rating - 2/5

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And before anybody questions that 2 rating... Don't I get any credit for my bravery in watching this film?

0.5 for Ajay Devgn for thinking he could carry this film forward.
0.5 for the makers for thinking they've got it right.
0.5 for Ravi Varma's stunts. I'm a Kannadiga & I'll support one too.
0.5 for Manasvi Mamgai. Come on after so much cleavage, bikini, topless, bareback, butt shows.. How can a man not give 0.5 atleast?
@lrdwhelp ... Nope, it has nothing to do with Dookudu. Atleast now I wish it was the remake of Dookudu. AJ is just a mixture of Balu, Thimiru (Pogaru in Telugu or Return of Zid in Hindi) & several other Telugu-Tamil films.
I think that sonakshi trying to see Ajay's ***** is copied frm Hansika kissing to Jr Ntr in Kantri..
Yup.. But here Sonakshi figures it herself that his thing brings her luck.
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I entered theatre with expectation that it will be Bad Movie i.e. Same Prabhu Deva trademark Movie but it exceeded my Expectations - it is Worst Movie of 2014. Not a Single element for which i can Applaud. No where near to Prabhu Deva's previous movies which at least Suited & applauded by a Section of Audience. They will also not like it. After watching it i understood the Value of Recent Sallu's Blockbuster Movies.
My Rating - 0.5/5.
0.5 bhi aise hi de Diya, 0 deta hue acha nahi lag raha tha.

by Casting Director (17.6k points)
Feel sorry for you..!!(facepalm)
Bhai Galati se bhi AJ dekhne Ki Galati mat karna
My semester exams are going on.I have no plans to watch it.Will watch Exodus after exam finishes on 13th and then Pk on 19th
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Action Jackson: Too crappy, Too Predictable, Too Violence, And A Silly 'Twist'

Atleast you expect good dialogues in Prabhudeva films, even that too wasn't there in AJ. But it does have some meaningless or senseless dialogues like "Name Criminally Good!!??" AJ is yet another blinder from Prabhudeva after R...Rajkumaar. Though film has very good action scenes. The way Sona fall for Ajay is criminally stupid! First half is same as every other masala film, but the height of crappiness is quite high than other films. very first action scene tells you how the film will be! The villain was good, so as Manasvi (too bold) though can't act much. However film manage to have a good interval coz of the last action sequence before interval. Film starts well in the second half but after some time film becomes again boring. Film has a so call twist which is very bad, when you think about the film again. For those who have seen the film please explain [[SPOILER]] why was AJ taking help from Vishi whiIe the meeting was going on if he was really AJ?? And why was he flirting with Manasvi than with dialogues like "Kya Leg Piece Hai" "Tu Isey Chodh Kar Bhaag Raha Tha AJ" etc? How a film can be so dumb! However film was better than Himmatwala. The worst thing is Ajay's dance! Just because he can't dance he does stupid steps and try to show he is doing it intentionally! Shahid's cameo was good. Ajay was good as AJ, average as Vishi. Rating 2/5..

by Super-star (169k points)
You're asking the question wrongly... If AJ was in Bangkok as Vishy, why did he let his wife & newborn child get kidnapped, only to get them back on the next flight to India after that flight. I mean he was there in Bangkok already, kill the villains & get back to his wife na.. why all that kidnap drama? It was worst watching Yami Gautam get beaten up first time, she gets beaten up again by Manasvi in the end for no reason.
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its just like typicall bolly masala fun movie wth some luv stuff.3 out of 5.

Dude film is releasing tomorrow lol.
Watched Baby. Excellent thriller. Best movie of Akki. My rating - 4.5/5.:D:P
I think Prabhu & Ajay made a special screening for Saurabh Tiwari alone!
bro are u serious from prabhudeva to get movie like mmmbs,3idiot,barfi.gow.evry tym same,by change hero and heroine.and wait no one critics rate more than 3
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If you love Bollywood. The best thing you can do is to boycutt this movie. Period.

by Executive Producer (60.3k points)
downvote...???? lol.. omg, now there are people who lived aj too lol :D . this time even baazigar said that it is worst film, then who is this new one..... lol (rofl)(rofl)
@TB There is 1 die-hard fan of Ajay who predicted 19cr (1st day) lol (giggle).. Maybe he may have given it (wasntme)

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