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i will be the happiest person if this film wraps under 50cr.

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It was expected ..that film will get negative review or bad WOM as its a masala commercial entertainer...and is aimed at masses as long as it makes money...its goal is achieved...
There are some points in the review...which will attract the masses...

Performance wise Ajay Devgn stands tall with some real breathtaking stunts and intense expressions ---- that;s what mass audience wants

Manasvi makes poor debut as she has nothing to show except skin --- another plus point for the masses...:)

Sonakshi Sinha does well but she can not offer nothing new in this bracket ---- another plus point for the film that even the reviewer is accepting that SS does well in the film even after bashing the film....:)

Shahid Kapoor gets clap in brief dance sequence in song 'Punjabi Mast' --- so again for the masses

Film has some real melodious chartbuster songs from Himesh and all songs work as welcome break --- So what else u want ...that even the songs are working for masses

In Short : So obviously this film may be crap from so-called film standards...but seems to have enough content to attract its target audience...

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)
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People like prabhudeva should be kicked out of BW.

by All Time best! (295k points)
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ACTION JACKSON Is A Test Of Patience.

Poor writing, pathetic performances by all three leading ladies - Sonakshi repeats herself, Manasvi displays all except acting skills, Yami Gautam had nothing to do except looking misfit; bad acts from supporting cast, pathetic direction...

by Executive Producer (60.3k points)
Do I give a damn to success that he earned doing whatever he wanted?? Tell him to make a original cinema. Roti Daal ka bhav pata chal jayega phir.
Jo bikta hai wohi chalta hai................
Bikti to ladkiyan bhi hai. Then what? Tab to human trafficking se bhi koi problem nhi hona chahiye. 'cause log kharidte hai, tabhi to wo bechte hai. What a silly fact you gave??
Aap achi saman bechoge toh logon ko kya problem hogi? Logon ke pass option nhi hai tabhi to wo cheap saman lene pe mazboor hai.. Am I right?
Wanted Film mein kya burai thi.
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The film will Be crap but likely to be collect good amount of bucks at the BO masses like Prabhudeva films.

by Super-star (176k points)
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Prabhu deva is a crap director. Ajay devgan has become a crap actor in the last 3 years and sonakshi is the queen of craps . I want this film to bomb so badly that this cheap south remake genre gets finished. I'm all for masala and entertainment, but can't tolerate such low IQ shit.

by Mega Star (226k points)

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