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Everyone is giving thumbs down and Raja sen gave 3/5!!!!!!
Aj will be another mindless masala movie which targets Single screen and b c centers...

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I was just shocked to see that!!! Now can he give 3stars!!!
@both arey he gave a sarcastic review. He wrote aj is one well over the so-bad-it’s-good line, Still, as trashy films go, this is properly nutty by 3 stars he meant film is worse. After sometime it didnt matter whether film is crossed that line...ala movies like gunda
I have just read the review and yeah he gave sarcastic review but still isn't 3 star to much.
Arey some people give 10/10 to gunda on imdb...that doesnt mean its a masterpiece. He gave 3 star in that sense.
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Reviews are really bad. Raja sen psycho ka review kaise aayega.

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Every1 is thrashing it and raja sen gave it 3..Yeh to mai pakka bol sakta hu isne paise khaye hai.

by All Time best! (295k points)
I loved his review... It's not the rating that matters in Raja Sen's reviews, it's his words.

The first half is a complete assault on the senses, Sonakshi Sinha cannot possibly be allowed to channel 90s Govinda anymore, and it’s cruel to make us watch Devgn try to dance.

Or worse still, watch him fight to music, resulting in highly effeminate Dance Fu, where he clutches at floating toothpicks as if threading invisible canapés.

And Kunal Roy Kapoor, man, is just… No.

No Kunal, no.

For not casting you in anything following Delhi Belly, this industry owes you a million beers. But aargh. It’s also at least a half-hour too long, even for a B-movie masochist.

Still, as trashy films go, this is properly nutty garbage.

Action Jackson is a drinking game of a film, one well over the so-bad-it’s-good line, its main merit being that in a sea of superstar-massaging vehicles, it holds some genuine surprises -- and makes sure its hero looks like a jackass.

Skip the first half and smuggle in a quart of something bitter, and you’ll be just fine.
@suhas-then why the hell he gave 3
Why do you consider his "review" as separate & "rating" as separate? He gave it 3 doesn't mean he's calling it a better film than the ones he rated it less than 3 right?

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