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 · Mar 27

This was and still talk of the town. I remember Rajini sir and Salman Khan wowing it. I miss those days.

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Even I'm wow of the most sexiest pose, pic I've ever seen.

just WOW

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how much is the distance b2n her two legs in this photo. Must be 7 feet. Mere bed se bhi zyada lamba. Yaar koi mere saath bhi aisa pose kyun nehi karta.

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Kafi muskil pose hai. Need 1-2 hours practise then even Tammy Bhatt can do this.. (rofl)

by Executive Producer (60.3k points)

The song which featured the pose.

Oh by the way this movie was the original version of Salman Khan's No Entry.

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Superb still, very rare lady actress can do this act.

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)

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