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Devi(L) - Official Trailer
Tutak Tutak Tutiya Official Trailer



The Tamil trailer gives the story idea properly. Tamannaah's character Devi gets possessed by a ghost named Ruby. The trailer is from Prabhudeva's character's point of view. He marries a village belle Devi against his wish of marrying a hot model. Anyways after knowing his wife is possessed by a ghost & the ghost makes Tamannaah into a hot-modern girl who bags a role in a movie opposite Sonu Sood. So, Prabhudeva tries to handle the situation, comes up with a contract for the ghost with his set of terms & conditions which is the main point of the Tamil trailer. The terms includes - not to have any intimate scenes with Sonu Sood etc & final one asking the ghost Ruby to leave Devi forever after the movie shooting is complete. Rest, the trailer highlights the film being a horror-comedy.

The Hindi trailer messes everything up big time. Since Sonu Sood is far more famous face for Hindi audience, Prabhudeva being the main lead takes the back seat. This trailer starts with the narration of Shah Rukh Khan in the background. Apart from Prabhudeva wanting to marry the best looking model in Mumbai & getting married to a village girl, nothing else is shown regarding Prabhudeva. A secondary character Sonu Sood gets more footage. Add to that, comedy scenes featuring Farah Khan. No emphasis at all on the horror-comedy factor. In the end, Farah Khan's "do you know anything about dance" line to Prabhudeva just to showcasing his MJ moonwalk step.

What were they thinking while making this trailer for Hindi version?

Story is the usual - hero wanted to marry a hot girl but ends up marrying a village girl whom he doesn't like or thinks to be hot. Then, the village girl gets possessed by the ghost & transforms her into this hot girl by wearing modern revealing clothes. The ghost possessing his wife worries him but of course to be shown in a humourous way. She bags a role in the film opposite Sonu Sood who falls for her. This makes the husband jealous making him try everything to win back his wife.

So what was the point in highlighting Sonu Sood's ineffective scenes in the Hindi trailer? Sonu Sood is the producer for Tutak Tutak Tutiya whereas Prabhudeva is the producer for Tamil version. They could've atleast highlighted the horror-comedy thing. Alas, they blindly thought having Shah Rukh Khan's voice over was enough.

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Wooooooo... Nice trailer... Especially SRK voice. He he. Just watched 8 times just to hear SRK voice.
Thanks Mahn,. Hope film will do well at box office.

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