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Aata nahi hai mujhko ke vaade se pichhe hatt jau.. yaaro yahi hai vaada ke vaade pe apne mit jaau!
Truly suits the megastar he is.
Yesterday while going home in a local train, a guy was watching wanted and i was peeking like a child at his phone and mouthing the dialogues because he had headphones on.
A legendary movie that marked the beginning of a new era.

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)
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omg .....7 years ....i still remember the craze

what a come back sallu Bhai......

audience cheering fully.....

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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I like the movie..... Awesome action.... Dil leke darde dil de gaye.... is my favorite song.

by Editor (84.9k points)
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Super awesome mass movie.100 times better than many of his recent BBs.I remember watching it on 1st show of Sunday.Had a blast at the theatre.It was like celebration with lots of cheers and whistles throughout the movie.Salman just nailed it as Radhe aka Rajveer.One of my favourites.

by Super-star (189k points)
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Beginning Of South Remake Star ! Expressions Tak Copy Kar Liye The

by Camera Operator (10.3k points)

100% No when it comes to "Expressions"... Having watched the south versions multiple times, I can assure you Salman has never done that.

Pokiri - it was Vijay who copied every major expression including breathing mannerism in Tamil. Salman Khan each & every scene, though shot as it is, brought his own acting style.

That's the plus for Salman Khan... remakes or not, you only get see him on the screen bringing his own style / originality to it.

Pokiri / Pokkiri / Porki = None of those performances have been "Repeated" by Salman's Radhe in Wanted in terms of expression/style.

Bodyguard / Kavalan / Bodyguard / Bodyguard = Again, Dilip in Malayalam, Vijay in Tamil, Venkatesh in Telugu & Jaggesh in Kannada... Salman Khan's performance is similar to NONE. His performance stands out even from the original.

Ready / Raam / Uthamaputhiran = Again Ram, Puneeth Rajkumar & Dhanush... You won't find a single scene Salman Khan copying them.

Stalin = Salman Khan had no scene similar to Chiranjeevi... Of course it's impossible to re-create Salman's style just as much as it's impossible to re-create the Legend Chiranjeevi's style by any actor in the entire country.

Kick = Now again Ravi Teja vs Salman Khan... ZERO SIMILARITIES.
I can take it back to every remake Salman has ever appeared in, in his entire career.... You'll only see him good performances or bad performances or mediocre performances... But most importantly you'll get to see him bring his OWN to each of those characters & performances.

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