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Top 5 Is Confirmed In This Order

Amitabh Bachchan


Dilip Kumar

Salman Khan

Shahrukh Khan

6-15 Order Is Not Confirmed But The Actors Are Confirmed

Rajesh Khanna Rajendra Kumar Dev Anand Jeetendra Aamir Khan KL Saighal Sunny Deol, Ashok Kumar Raj Kapoor Akshay Kumar

Remaining Positions In No Particular Order

Shammi Kapoor Manoj Kumar Ajay Devgan Vinod Khanna Mithun Rishi Kapoor Govinda Anil Kapoor Shashi Kapoor Sunil Dutt Jackie Shroff Sanjay Dutt, Prithviraj Kapoor, Raaj Kumar, Shatrughan Sinha Sanjeev Kumar, Hrithik Roshan

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Bachchan ye hoti hai Spelling.

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I completely agree with your list.
But as a fan I wish Salman to end up in top3 and Aamir in top5 before the end of Khan era.
While one is suffering due to a horrendous decade the other due to low volume of work.
Both deserve more

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
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I Also Want This To Happen Bro
And It Can Happen Salman Can Replace Dilip And Aamir Can Replace Srk

Salman Just Needs To Be Careful With Script He Must Not Let Momentum Slip Away

Aamir Needs To Do Atleast 2 Feature Films In Lead Role In 3 Years If Not 1 Per Year.

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Sadly Aamir may miss in Top-5 ..
But he has his own image of Mr. Perfectionist ...

by Producer (118k points)

Not May Bro
He Will Miss Top 5

25 Hits 10 Blockbusters 10 Bumper Openers And 5 Record Openers Is A Must To Be There

Aamir Is 6 Hits 1 Blockbuster And 1 Bumper Opener Short

He Has Great Performance In Terms Of Major Records, Much Btr Than Srk, So If He Covers His Shortcommings Then He Will Replace Srk Or Else No Chance Of Top 5.

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BOI said There are many Actors who has BIG HITS in 105 Years of Hindi Cinema,, But only 7-8 Are the Real Box Office Star.
Maine QnA me Ek BOI ka Reply dekha tha OLD BOI (2005) ->
(1) Amitabh
(2) Dharmendra
(3) Dilip
(4) Dev Anand
(5) Rajesh Khanna
(6) Rajendra Kumar
(7) Jeetendra
(8) Ashok Kumar
(9) SRK
(10) Shammi Kapoor
After End of Khans will be..
(1) Amitabh
(2) Dharmendra
(3) Dilip
(4) Salman
(5) SRK
(6) Dev Anand
(7) Rajesh Khanna
(8) Rajendra Kumar..
But Criteria inhe Thik krna chahiye BOI ko ...RAJ KAPOOR,,,MANOJ KUMAR,,AAMIR KHAN kisi se kam nahi...

by Casting Director (17.6k points)

Link de artical ka.


acording to boi abhi srk great main nahi hai , aur salman aa sakta hai matlab uska bhi clear nahi hai so ranking abhi top 5 ka ye hoga..

(1) Amitabh
(2) Dharmendra
(3) Dilip
(4) Dev Anand
(5) Rajesh Khanna/ rajendra kr.


greats main aane ke liye kewal 25 hits ya 30 hits se kaam nahi chalega enka top 20 movies ka footfalls bhi dekhna hoga.


jais hi top 20 movies ka avg footfalls nikalte ho ranking automatic aa gati hai. aur BOI bhi aise hi chal raha hai.most important boi ke liye hai huge footfalls matlab huge adj nett.

1 amitabh



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Srk will be ahead of salman. From 1994 to 2015 points are there and srk has a big lead over salman and rest. Srk is likely to have around 1000 points lead over salman.

by Assistant Director (42.8k points)

srk points in

2015 880
2016 840 (flop)
2017 810 (flop, semi hit)
2018 750 (disaster)
2019 725 (no release)
2020 out of the ranking boi cretria is 700 points to enter the list

salman and srk points difference 1660 till 2015
2015 960
2016 960 (blockbuster)
2017 940 (blockbuste, below aveage)
2018 920 (semi hit)
now diffeence till 2018 only - 1160

2019 - 900 points in wrost case.

emaining diffeence - 985

now srk out of the ace so his points not added and salman contine so in 2020 or may be 2021 salman cross srk in his lifetime ranking.


Ajay, Dimaag me bhi MASALA bhar gaya hain kya bhai ki movies dekh ke? Kuch bhi bole jara hain. (facepalm) . SRK Will remain above Salman in worst case too. And as you're saying that SRK is finished, time will tell.


Hmm Ok, But In My Opinion Top 15 Could Be In This Order If BOI Is Updated Now (BOI Will Consider Both Box Office And Stardom)

1 Amitabh
2 Dharamendra
3 Dilip Kumar
4 Salman
5 Shahrukh
6 Rajesh Khanna
7 Rajendra Kumar
8 Dev Anand
9 Jeetendra
10 Aamir
11 KL Saigal
12 Sunny
13 Ashok Kumar
14 Raj Kapoor
15 Akshay

As Per BOI To Be Among All Time Greats An Actor Must Have 25 Hits, Aamir Currently Has 20 Odd Hits And 10 Odd Blockbusters, Aamir Needs Around 5 More Hits To Be Among Top 5 Because He Has Better Performance Than Both Shahrukh And Rajesh Khanna In Terms Of Major Box Office Records And His Average Of 25 Hits And 10 Blockbusters Will Also Be Better Than Them!


Yes i agree rancho salman is ahead than srk.

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SRK will be above Salman, rest of the list is fine coz at the moment, salman may be having 2-3 blockbusters more than srk, on the other hand, he has far too many flops/disasters compared to srk.......also srk has done around 15 films less than salman, still hit count of both the actors is almost same.......

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)
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Srk should be above Salman ( talk about star power/ rank) because some of Salman's big hit credit goes to actress ...
None of Srk's movies credit goes to actress at that time
And noone can match Srk's overseas performance

by Location Manager (7.7k points)

Shah ... last line per aisa sixer mardiya hai jo srkians ko bahut zor se laga hoga..


Srk without Kajol and Deepika
Veer zaara
Ra one
And many successful movies
More hits than aamir'swhole career


Can't find a 3 cr footfalls movie in ur list .


Anku You Shouldnt Have Dragged Aamir Here As No Aamir Fan Said Anything To Srk But Since You Already Did So I Shall Show You Facts

1stly Srk Without Kajol And Deepika Has Same No. of Hits What Aamir Has In His Career

Aamir Has 5 Movies Of 3 Cr Footfalls, All With Different Actress
Srk Has 3 Movies Of 3 Cr Footfalls, All With Same Actress

Aamir Has 5 Atbb, All With Different Actress
Srk Has 2 Atbb, All With Same Actress

Overseas Doesnt Matter As Stars Will Be Ranked On Basis Of Domestic Box Office.

The Moment Aamir Gets 6 More Hits To Complete 25 Hits He Will Replace Srk In Top 5 Bcz Srk Is Much Behind Aamir In Terms Of Major Box Office Records

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It's certain that SRK will be above Salman and Aamir could miss top ten too because of his volume of work. Sanjiv Kumar will be there somewhere too. I don't think Dharmendra can be top 5 in the list because of B grade movies and disastrous late-career.

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)
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List is completely fine but SRK will be above Salman & Aamir might miss top 5.

by Production Designer (13.8k points)

No Chance Sapne Dekho Srk Out This Year Ranking Salman Continue Next Decade Also.


Tauji sapne dekhna aap chordo.

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