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Raj Kapoor And Manoj Kumar Are Not Just Big Actors Having Successful Careers On Box Office But Also Big Directors Having Successful Career On Box Office.

BOI Called Manoj Kumar A Legend, His 1st 5 Films Were Hit (Only Raju Hirani Matched That Record)

Upkaar, Roti Kapda Aur Makaan And Kranti Were Among Biggest Blockbusters Of That Era Specially Atbb Kranti.

BOI Called Raj Kapoor Greatest Director Of All Time Along With Manmohan Desai. 7 Out Of 10 Films Directed By Him Were Biggest Hit Of The Year Which Is A Record. He Also Has Record 3 ATG And 4 Atbb, He Also Has Record For Giving 4 Back To Back Blockbusters Which Is Only Equalled By Raju Hirani, 9 Out Of 10 Films Directed By Him Were Hits Among Which 7 Were Blockbusters Which Is Staggering To Say The Least.

Talking About Acting Then Also Raj Kaooor Was Called A Superstar By BOI And He Is Among Top 5 Actors Of 1930s-1950s Era Having 20 Odd Hits, 5 Plus Blockbusters, Incuding 3 All Time Grossers, 1 Hgotd, 2 Atbb, 5 Hgoty.

Manoj Kumar Was 1st Actor To Give 3 Back To Back Blockbusters And 3 Back To Back 3 Cr Footfalls Movie, He Also Has 20 Plus Hits And 5 Plus Blockbusters In Career And Was A Big Top League Star Having 4 Hgoty, 1 Biggest Hit And Most Watched Film Of The Decade, 2 Atbb.

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Those were quite like Aamir Khan of this era, less volume but quality work.

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both should be ahead of our Legend aamir sir

15 hits in career

3 hits in golden decade

no record openers in 90s decade also where even anil apoor Sanjay Dutt ,Govinda Jackie Shroff had records

forever 15 (clap)

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lol and hits of akki will be double to that of aamir in 1-2 years


Abe Nalle Kitni Baar Batana Padega Tujhe Ki Hirani's Records Without Aamir Is Equal To Career Records Of Akshay Kumar Zero

Aamir Without Hirani

5 Record Openers
8 Bumper Openers
1 Highest Opener Of Decade
1 Biggest Opener Of Decade
3 Atbb Atg
5 Hgoty Bhoty Mwfoty
1 Hgotd Bhotd Mwfotd Hgotc

Hirani Without Aamir None Of The Above

Aamir Became An Overnight Star In 1980s, Became Big Top League Star In 1990s, Became Biggest Star With Best Run Ever Seen In 2000s, He Is Called A Top Tier 1 Superstar By BOI, Akshay Is A Tier 3 Star, Never Called Superstar Let Alone Big Star Or Actor With Best Run, B Grade Word Suits For Recordless Akshay Not Aamir Who Long List Of Box Office Records, In Every Decade Aamir Has Been Bigger Than Akshay Kumar I Can Prove It With Facts Anytime You Want.

Before 2010 Aamir Had Btr Major Box Office Records Than What SRK Has In Entire Career Phir Akshay Ki Aukaad Hi Kya Hai

Aur Tu Chameleon Srk Ko Troll Karne Wala Aaj Srk Ke Goad Mei Jaake Baith Raha Hai

Aamir ke 19 hits hain dekhta hun akshay 2020 Tak 11 hits aur deke 38 hits tak pahuchata hai ki nahi


Tune Dekhi Hai Apni Shakal?

1stly In 2007 Akshay Had 3 Hits Not 4

Now comming to main point

Aamir Gave 3 Atbb Atg Hgoty Bhoty Mwfoty, 3 Movies Of 2.5 Cr Footfalls, 2 Movies Of 3.5 cr footfalls
Highest Opening, Biggest Opening, Highest Grosser, Biggest Hit, Most Watched Film Of Decade, 1 Movie To Break All Circuit Records

In 2010 Decade

Akshay Has Not Achieved Even 1 Of These In Entire Career

Aur kitna insult karvayega recordless tier 3 star akshay ki


aur khiladi..mass i m not in a mood to fight as zero is abt to release dont want to do negativity y r u messing no srkian is saying anything to akki. agar sab srkians troll karne pe aaye akki ko to bhaagta firega

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