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Day 1 23 cr

Weekend 63 cr

Week 93

LifeTime 98 cr
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Mai Ek Insaan Hoo Koi Farishta Nahi

Meri Jaankari Galat Bhi Ho Sakti Hai

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Insider reports are terrific
Insider reports are negative
Censor board gave standing ovation
Inn type ke scam se door rahe till 21 st Dec .
Thank You!

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Abe yeh toh kand ho jayega

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

Game Over Phir Toh

Average Hua Film Tab Bhi Clean Hit Nahi Hoga

Negetive Report Ke Saath Toh Thank You Ho Jayega


until now no screening of Zero happened , only the censor board have viewed the movie, though i dont believe in Censor board response but its quite positive , so from where u got inside report Sumit kedal se..............


Chu sumit kadel toh bumper advance bolraha hai..aur opening 38(rofl)


we dont take such stupids serious, whatever opening will be between 25-28cr unless advances shot up

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below 90 cr as reports are not good

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Report Negative hai ???
Kaise pata proof ???

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Bhai Mai Insaan Hoo Koi Farishta Nahi Jo Koi source Doo
Twitter Se Facebook Se Jo Mujhe Pata Chala Hai wahi Bata Raha Hoo

Mai Galat Bhi Ho Sakta Hoo

Real Report To Friday Ko Hee Pata Chalegi

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