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These Are Top 5 Actors Of Past 3 Era's

Now 5 Actors Who Have Best Chance To Be In Top 5 Of Next Era Are






To Be In Top 5 Of An Era One Needs To Atleast Have Excellent Performance In 1 Decade.

Hrithik- Biggest Star Among Debutants Of 21st Century Be It In Terms Of Popularity Or Box Office. He Hit His Peak In 2006 But Then Made Some Bad Choices Like Kites And Guzarish, Though He Made A Strong Comeback With Agneepath And Krish 3 But Since Then Due To Bad Choices And Less No. of Movies He Has Been Struggling, But 2019 Can Be His Year, He Can Have A Hit And Blockbuster Making Grand Comeback, Then Krish 4 Is There In Next Decade To Take Things Upto Next Level And He Can Dominate Next Decade. He Is Undoubtedly Most Talented Actor Among These 5, He Is The Kind Of Talent That Actually Comes Once In A Lifetime. He Has Everything: Good Height, Good Body, Good Looks, Good Acting, Stardom, Box Office Success, Awards. He Is A Pan India Star And Has An All Round Popularity, Specially Among Masses And Female Audience He Is Very Popular.

Ranbir- He Is 2nd To Only Hritik In Terms Of Popularity, Box Office And Talent. Comming From Legendry Kapoor Family Which Is Biggest In Bollywood It Boasts Of Stars Like- Prithviraj Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor And Kareena Kapoor, He Himself Became A Star And Took The Legacy Forward, Now He Is Looking All Set To Be 2nd Kapoor Among Male Actors After Raj Kapoor To Be Among Top 5 Actors Of An Era. He Started His Career With A Flop But Within Next 2 Yrs He Became A Star And Hit His Peak In 2013, But Just When He Was Looking All Set To Get Into Big League He Messed With Poor Choice Of Films, He Made A Sort Of Comeback With Dutt And If His Next Films Like Shamshera, Brahmastra, Film With Ajay Become Big Hits Next Decade Can Be His. He Has Very Strong Following In North And Is Very Popular Among Classes And Female Audience.

Varun- When It Comes To Consistency There Is No One Better Than Him, Not A Single Film Has Been An Outright Flop Out Of Around 10 Films He Did, Probably Only October Being Unsuccessful, He Is Very Popular Among Kids And Family Audience, He Has Good Following Among Masses And Even Among Big City Audience. When It Comes To Commercial Success He Is 2nd To None, There Is Just 1 Drawback Which Is Pulling Him Behind i.e, Blockbusters And Big Grossers, Which Is A Must To Be In Top League And Challenge For Top Spot. His Next Films Like ABCD 2 And Kalank Can Push Him In Top League. He Is A Decent Actor As Well And Is A True Entertainer. Best Thing Is That He Is Less Than 30 Years Old Hence He Can Target For Even 2 Decades For Domination.

Tiger- If We Exclude Acting Talent He Is Junior Hritik. He Looks All Set To Be The Biggest Massy Star Of His Era, With Blockbuster Baaghi 2 He Changed The Stars Equation And If His Next Films Like Baaghi 3, SOTY 3, HR Vs Tiger, Rambo Becomes Big Hit, He Would Be Biggest Star Among Young Actors And Will Be Front Runner To Rule Next Decade. His Age Is Also Less Than 30 So He Can Also Target 2 Decades But For That He Needs To Improve His Acting Skills And Have Some Versatality As Well Bcz In Long Run Its Important.

Ranveer- In Terms Of Acting Talent He Is Almost At Par With Ranbir Kapoor, Making His Debut With Yash Raj Films He Went On To Be Poster Boy Of Sanjay Leela Bansali Films, All His 3 Hits Have Come With Sanjay Leela Bansali, He Has Big Hit And Big Grosser But To Be In Top League He Must Give Hits And Blockbusters Even With Other Directors, Simbaa, Gully Boy And 1983 Could Change A Lot For Him If He Gives 2 Big Hits And A Hit In His Next 3 Films He Would Be In Race For Top Spot And Can Go On To Have An Excellent Decade In 2020.

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Good post and analysis.... sherbet boy has a long way to go though... HR can’t be compared with these younstars.. he’s already a superstar...

For me Varun and Ranveer are the stars of future.. they both can do classy and massy roles

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)
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5 Blockbusters
1 All Time Nett Grosser
2 Movies Of 3 Cr Footfalls
3 Hgoty

Is Indeed A Long Way For Any Young Star

He Just Needs To Have Total 10-15 Hits Along With 1 Atbb And His Career Shall Be Complete!

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Ayushman. Tiger. Varun. The middle tie tried their luck and faded already. HR isn't going a good way, no others have potential.

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)
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Tiger and Varun are the best bets.
Hrithik was already great with 5 Blockbusters.

by Producer (114k points)

Seriously Man 5 Blockbusters Out Of 8 Hits Is Not A Joke, He Also Has 3 Hgoty, 2 Movies Of 3 Cr Footfalls, 1 All Time Nett Grosser, Many Big Stars Dont Have This In Entire Career.

He Has Wasted His Potential!

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Though it saddens me to say so, HR might be done. 2 back to back single digit openings (in commerical movies), no hits for at least 5.5 years, then his next movie is taking so long and he moved away from a Kangana movie, and nothing after HRvT is confirmed, even that movie has a mediocre director and can go wrong.

So I don't think he'll be big in the future, he'll be known for wasted potential more than stardom.

Among the other, I agree, but I hope there's space for Ayushmann in that list.

by Editor (82.0k points)

Yes I Also Like Him, He Is A Nice Guy Unlike Arrogant Sushant!


Yeah agree hola. HR is just not planning his career well. Hvt....I hope I am wrong but it will be a big disappointment content wise


After a mid-budget movie like Kaabil, he will take at least 26 months for his next movie, which itself is not the commercial type, and someone like Akki could make and release that movie in 6 months.

His next 2 movies have already been postponed multiple times, and there's no clarity on the future. What the heck is he doing, aur kitna potnential zaya kareinge HR sahab.


Absolutely. This guy could have been rubbing shoulders with the Khans but he's more interested in selling gym products

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This is the best time for hrithik to make a strong comeback
He must give a hit with super30 and from there after there should be no looking back..
Hr vs tiger will be massy film and then choices after hr vs tiger film will decide if he will go into top3 or top2..
He should make a film like agneepath or any massy film after yrf film then k4 should come with a budget of 250-300cr...and make it grand like 2.0..
And then he should make znmd2 ..
If this line up follows then he will get back to his best as he was in last decade..
Remember he was the last superstar and he was the one who was paid on par with srk and more than srk last decade..
He has always been counted in big league after his first film and he has seen it all, be it stardom, awards,boxoffice each and everything what khans have seen..
Its time he stops being lazy and atleast give 1 film per year..

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
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1 rabbeer (getting big movies from yrf and karan johar plus hirani)
2 hrithik (lack of quality movies and BB)
3 ranvir
4 tiger
5 varun or ayusman

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
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Don't Compare HR with them he is already SUPERSTAR..
But ab iska kaam khtm hai...young star aage nikal jaynge..
Mjhe abhi bhi smjh nahi aata Last Decade me ye SRK ko kaise takkar de diya ...
Kya nahi hai iske paas sab kuch hai prr BO prr khtm hai

by Casting Director (17.6k points)

Bas Kisi Tarha 10-15 Hits And 1 Atbb Ho Jaaye Aur Kuch Nahi Chahiye Uske Alava Sab Kuch Hai

5 Blockbusters
1 All Time Nett Grosser
2 Movies Of 3 Cr Footfalls
3 Hgoty

Yeh Sab Kai Bade Stars Pure Career Mei Achieve Nahi Kar Paate, Pata Nahi Yeh 4 Naye Stars Kar Payeinge Ya Nahi.


Sab krr lenge prr HRITHIK kuch jyada he jaldi Achieve krr liya

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HR is already a superstar, but he needs some planning and wisdom or else his career will sink fast.

Amongst the rest, it is a competition of mediocrity.

by Mega Star (226k points)

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