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Given the trends so far, Rs 25 crore opening seems like a distant dream for Zero..... The opening day collections might fall in the range of Rs 19.5 to 21.5 crore, until and unless night shows jump miraculously. Below Par Start... Will post early estimates by 10.30!



How much does it need to get atleast average/semi hit tag?



Out of reach!

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I think SRK needs to take some rest. He is tired. Enough already.

by Producer (103k points)
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no way with this disastorous wom this movie is getting to 20 cr

by Art Director (2.5k points)

This should get atleast 20cr..its the opening day with good trailer star cast and good songs..20 is must


dude you weren't in theatre i was and i heard public comments during the movie , there were 4-5 guys who were talking about leaving in 1st half itself


This is khan movie..20 will be done in any case


you watch and decide and then compare the BAD race 3 with it

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I think 100cr might be a struggle.

by Editor (82.0k points)
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100cr is out of sight in such a case. With simbaa coming on 27th, it's the end. Why why why? So It's hirani who will give hgoty this time. I'm shattered.

by Mega Star (226k points)

Hirani giving HGOTY is no problem but ranbir fans claiming Ranbir has given HGOTY is
Plus the khans are over voices will reach new heights now


Well, it's hirani who can claim sanju. Not ranbir. It's a fact. Let them talk. All know the reality

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