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As Per Old BOI, Film Information (Komal Nahta) Trade Guide, IBOS Or Any Other Genuine Trade Analyst/Site/Magazine Srk Has Only 16 Genuine Hits And 5 Genuine Blockbusters


Film Information


Srk Is The Actor Who Has Most Hits Whose Nett Domestic Collection Is Less Than Budget Itself.

Talking About Rankings

As Per Old BOI Srk Wasnt No. 1 In 1996 1997 1999 2000 2001 2004 2006 2007 2009

Everything Is There In Old BOI Archives

But After Update Srk Was Made No. 1 From 1994-2009

Even If We See Box Office Performance Wise Then Also In 1994 Govinda (Atbb In 1993, Super Hit In 1994), 1996 Aamir, 1997 Sunny, 1999 Salman, 2000 Hritik, 2001 Sunny, 2003 Hritik 2006 Hritik, 2008 Aamir, 2009 Aamir Should Have Been No. 1

Srk Fans Say BOI Increased Verdicts And Collections Of Aamir's Movies But They Ignore The Fact That As Per Old BOI Raja Hindustani Was Bigger Hit Than DDLJ, Ghajini Was Atbb, Mangal Pandey Was Average As Per Old BOI And Trade, Rang De Basanti Was Super Duper Hit As Per Old BOI And Trade, Fanaa Was Blockbuster As Per Trade, Taare Zameen Par Was Blockbuster As Per Old BOI And Trade But All That Was Changed, Talaash And Secret Superstar Was Declared Hit By Trade But BOI Didnt Give Clean Hit Tag To Them

Aamir Was No. 1 In 1996, Was Said To Be Biggest Star In 2006 And Said To Become No. 1 If Fanaa Becomes Big Hit Which It Became, Aamir Was Said To Be Biggest Star Having Best Run Ever Seen In 2009. But BOI Changed Rankings And Made Srk No.1 In These Years Which Srk Fans Easily Forget!

Even As Per BOI Aamir Is Ahead Of Srk In Entire Career On Box Office

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Pr made star aise hi nai milta.. u have to earn it by spending bucks..:D

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Auzaar flop from below average
Garv and Lucky - average to below average.

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What A Shame It Is :x

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BOI reduced the collection of DDLJ from 106 crores to 86 crores gross, Karan Arjun from 56 crores to 42 crores gross, reduced collections of Om Shanti Om from 86 crores to 79 crores net and they made rangeela blockbuster which did well only in few circuits.

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Baazigar hu me baazigar......


Bro, late 90s tak to Share figure hi report hote the.. Gross to share ke basis pe calculate hota tha.

Film information ne septmber 1995, Hum Aapke hain koan ka gross ₹175cr bataya tha.. Aur Karan arjun ka ₹30cr

Ye india today ka sept 1995 ka archive dekh lo..

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