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Actuals: (Link)

Opening Day: 19.35 Cr
First Weekend: 54.60 Cr
Tuesday (Christmas): 11.75 Cr
First Week: 84.10 Cr

Winner Prediction Difference (+/-)
Opening Day Ajay & LoveRoaster 20 Cr 0.65 Cr
Opening Weekend Greek God 55 Cr 0.40 Cr
Christmas (Tuesday) LoveRoaster & Greek God 15 Cr 3.25 Cr
First Week Greek God 80 Cr 4.10 Cr


Username Participation Bonus Winnings Prediction bonus Total
Greek God 500 3000 750 4250
LoveRoaster 500 2000 500 3000
Ajay 500 1000 0 1500

*All the uses who participated have been given 500 bonus pts!

Bonus criteria:

Correct prediction: 1000 points.
For multiple correct predictions: 250 points for each correct predictions.
Participation Bonus: 500 points.

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Thanx for announcing winner name.


No big deal bro!

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Damn. All hail Baba Greek God. 3 prediction winner.

by Producer (103k points)
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Shit I over predicted with a mixed wom.. my bad

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)
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Damn overpredicted but i thought it will get mixed wom not negative
Anyways well done to the people who predicted it right

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)

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