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Obviously Ranbir is bigger than all his contemporaries (younger lot). It was only because of Bombay Velvet & Jagga Jasoos, the stardom was questioned..

As long as he is on the right track in using his stardom then there is no stopping him.

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Yes He Is 2nd Biggest Star And 2nd Most Successful Actor Among All Those Who Made Debut In 21st Century, After Hritik!

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)
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Yes among the young actors he is the biggest. He has also beaten older actors like shahid, hrithik etc. in terms of box office.

Khans > Akshay > Ajay > Ranbir > Ranveer > Tiger > Varun > Ayushman > Hrithik, shahid, siddharth

by Set Designer (2.4k points)

Yeah, hrithik did not have a single release and ranbir beat him.

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Don't fight plz Ranveer >>> ranbir in stardom and sanju is totally hirani's movie ranir has 0% credit in opening

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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Define who is a contemporary ? Tiger? Varun? Ranveer? It’s not a big deal to deliver when your competition is mediocre .

by Mega Star (226k points)

He is even way ahead of Papa made Star Duggu at present


Yeah, so jealous of you Puneet. You’re a fan of such a big star. Hum jaison ko 5cr ki opening Milne wali hai. :D

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Lol. Sanju is a Raju Hirani film. Bombay Velvet is the real stardom of Ranbir kapoor.

by Producer (103k points)
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Go feast on jj and bv.. sanju is a hirani movie

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)
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Ranbir is greater than Ranveer, fact.
But Sanju opening has many factors.

by Producer (114k points)

Ave 35 cr Opening and 20 cr Opening Mai difference Dkh. If Hirani is big then RS is also huge Director. actually Rohit Shetty in terms of brand is bigger name in masses than Hirani


Advantage of being a biopic also


You dont know the power of a great trailer...Sanju trailer was loved in a huge way whereas simmba trailer was no way recieved that great as sanju and masala flicks dont attract plex audience that much these days as much as a raju hirani film can which has a greatly received trailer. But yes ranbir is bigger star than ranveer but margin is no way that big as you are making out. In the long term I see ranveer singh a bigger star than ranbir as his popularity can transcend every class of audience


In the long run even I see Ranveer becoming biggest star provided he keeps on playing hero kind of roles like Simmbha .If he keeps on doing character based biography his popularity would never reach masses and B & C Centres . Ranbir is a well established star in Multiplex Audience and has huge fanbase.Ranveer still has lot to do make a well established fanbase which would only come when he becomes hero instead of playing character.

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Munna Bhai 3 Ke Baad Sanjay Dutt Ke Jaisa Kisi Ke Paas Stadome Nahi Hoga


Padmavat 5 State Baned
Otherwise MoreThan Sanju Collection

by Camera Operator (9.8k points)
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for me his even bigger than akshay because this guy is capable of giving huge hits

by Casting Director (16.6k points)
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When you're making a project on Industry Bigstar BioPic with Industry's biggest Director.

Your film is expected to collect big on opening day and opening weekend that follows. then rest depends on WOM.

Coming Ranveers Simba its a mere Remake with not so strong masala content to keep audience glued to the seats.

Of course Rohit shetty is on of the big dir in BW now.
But that doesnt hide the fact that he isnt top class like hirani.

by Executive Producer (68.1k points)
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2013 ki Besharam se bhi kam opening hai Simmba ki. (rofl)

Ranveer padukone ko Ranbir Kapoor se compare karna ek badi bewakoofi hai. VD bhi aage hi hai Deepika ke pati se. (mooning)

by Set Decorator (1.4k points)

Ranveer padukone (rofl)


Aur nahi to kya 8-| (rofl) (nod)

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