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The top 5 contenders are mahesh, pk, prabhas, jr. Ntr and ram charan.

Last 5 movies of mahesh - AVG, D, D, BB, D

last 5 movies of prabhas-ATBB,ATBB,H,F,F

Last 5 movies of Pavan -D, D, D, Avg, BB

Last 5 movies of Ram Charan-BB,Avg,F,Avg,H

Last 5 movies of Jr.NTR-H,AVG,BB,AVG,H

If we go by collection then prabhas is no. 1,but in reality before baahubali he has not had even 1 record to his Hgoty, higest first day etc etc. So we habe to wait for two or movies to know his real capability.

And mahesh and pavan has 3 disasters .

Ramcharan has good record and Jr. Ntr has better record amongst all with no flops..

Can we consider him the no. 1?atleast in terms of consistency?
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Pawan kalyan is out of picture.
We can put him aside...Count Top5.
Prabhas RC MB Jr Ntr AA.

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Mahesh Babu / Pawan Kalyan
Ram Charan
Allu Arjun (potential wise allu Arjun can make a big name in Bollywood too as he is the most favourite among Hindi speak audience)

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Agree about Allu Arjun.... Many of my friends are his fans... even I am

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Only Box office success/failure can't describe the no 1 star in telugu film industry. (Excluding Megastar Chiranjeevi) if you count Box office success+fan following+overall popularity (in telugu states) then top 5/6 stars are.....
1. Pawan Kalyan
2. Jr. NTR
3. Mahesh Babu
4. Prabhas
5. Allu Arjun
6. Ram Charan
Their films opening numbers also suggest the same.

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Ramcharan has more mass following than prabhas and allu arjun and some times mahesh also.. You check his openings, they have always beaten mahesh, prabhas and allu


Someone has already pointed out that Megastar's legacy is one of the big reasons for Ram Charan's huge success. I think it's true to some extent. And maybe I've over rated Prabhas due to two Bahubali films.


Yes.. That is there in tollywood.. Its all abt legacy .
But he has done well.. He has improved his acting skills..
And he has a huge film in his kitty... Going by all these,it will be ramcharan and jr. Ntr battle..


Recent BO success wise it's looking like Jr NTR & Ram Charan are the top 2 stars of the industry. But IMO no1 spot belongs to only one guy - PK and there's tough competition between Jr NTR and Mahesh Babu for the 2nd position.

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I would say:

  1. Pawan Kalyan / Mahesh Babu
  2. Any of the above
  3. Jr. NTR
    4.Allu Arjun
  4. Ramcharan
  5. Prabhas

Despite failures and average affairs, Mahesh and Pawan are the top stars.. Its only a matter of time "IF" Pawan comes up with a decent to good movie to prove his potential. Mahesh despite being the top most star, has not had actually movies with unanimously postive wom to prove his mettle.. Moreover Mahesh is being targeted by the big NTR and mega groups be it media or fans as a conspiracy trying to pull him down or not giving him the due credit.. NTR purely rides on the NTR legacy more than his own fandom.. Ramcharan also same pattern..

Only Allu arjun has the acceptance other than the Telugu speaking state.. But his poor choices keeps him away from the no1 plight thats easy witb him to grab of he choses scripts wisely..

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