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Sadak 2 - unnecessary sequel with little justice to Sadak 1.

The last scene in the trailer was fun. Otherwise this is all too generic. Aditya if not a villain (twist) will be a routine character getting overshadowed by Sanju. No challenge to Alia. Seems Mahesh Bhatt has rehashed characters from his earlier films to give this one some credibility.

Lastly, Sadak also was about it's music. The bgm here didn't impress.

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Many of my friends have been turned into bh*kts, taking proud in spamming sadak2 trailer.
They think they are doing revolution and standing up for a cause.
I can't help them, it's a bigger pandemic than corona.
Hope they recover soon.

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Looks average to me. Not too excited for it. Might hold back on purchasing Hotstar subscription for a while until Laxmmi Bomb releases.

Anyway, the number of dislikes on this trailer are going to hit an all time high!

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Now it is justified that it is going to be an OTT release and not a theatrical.. Not even close to exciting.. Seems Alia Bhatt has luckily avoided a flop box-office wise..

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Below Average. Nothing Is Excited. Not A Single Scene Which Attract Me To Watch This Film.

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Gyi sadak seeda paani main matab raam naam satye

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Except Sanjay dutt nothing looked good..

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Even he looked stucked at places(sweat)


Yeah but still one genuine action hero in his 2nd innings is more appealing than many newbies..
That 1st scene from original Sadak was shown just to creat the nostalgia among Sanju fans..


True. Baba at this age and stage has more swag than many of these newbies.


I felt like Baba was still stucked in Ahmad Shah Abdali character of Panipat (which he played brilliantly though).

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looks great can beat dil becharas record

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It has got nearly 4 million dislikes

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Yeah that's the best way to get justice.

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