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The tune is catchy & will be a hit on the music platform.

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Original Chartbuster song from Bollywood after so long
Lyrics and that beautiful tune and beat
Bollywood don't make such songs anymore, rushing towards realistic cinema or reamakes with remaked songs.
Kiara is drop dead gorgeous man, she has the perfect shape and size to rule Bollywood, She should get more mainstream Bollywood movies like this
And what has happened to akki?
Confused to choose who's looking size zero between them.
Just when he started to peak, he's started looking old.
He has huge goodwill and humongous movies lined up but Hard luck

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Chartbuster stuff for the masses. Party number which will be lapped up well..

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Kiara advani looked good . Thats all good i can say . congrats to Arjun reddy fans and kowsigan

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Very food song. Specially that background music when ''Burj Khalifa'' words come.

by Costume designer (1.1k points)
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Forget Shaitaan ka Saala, this is the biggest chartbuster of Akshay Kumar. This is something he has stayed away from for a long long time. The massy complete package entertainer where he goes all out. We have seen him in roles where he goes bat shit crazy like Singh Is Kinng and Rowdy Rathore or even the Housefull 4 song.

It's a blockbuster song and would be playing non stop at parties and sangeets (once they open up). Kiara Advani looks drop dead gorgeous though she looks very young when compared to Akshay. Kareena might have been a better option.

Boycott gang can kindly stay away. Had this been a theatrical release, it would have been a big hit at the single screens as they would lap up to such films. Boycotting the film because his name is Aasif is hilarious!

It's a welcome change to see Akki in such roles. The last time he was in such elements was in Rowdy Rathore. Khiladi 786 and Boss were disappointing affairs, but now 7 years after Boss we finally see him in a complete mass avatar. The film will be bad and will be one of those "Keep your heads at home" film. But to see Akki back in such a genre is making me super excited.

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Boycott gang itself waiting for theatrical releases. Abhi bas time pass ke liye bakwaas kar rahe hain..

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Good to have some beautiful tunes go in my ears after a long time. Its sounds even better as there was a complete draught of party songs for sone time now.

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Crap as usual....Only positive about this song is kiara ..omg

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)

and that positive moment came when kiara appeared in the read dress showing her side b00bs(drunk)

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