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Shame on David Dhawan for destroying his own old good films for the sake of his son.
Judwaa 2 & Coolie No.1 were good entertainers of 90's.
Sara's accent in unbearable in whatever limited dialogues she was given.
The way everyone were doing over-acting it should have been titled as..

Fraud No.1

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Thank God this is not releasing in theatres. Worst trailer of recent times, even worse than Sadak 2.

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This is terrible! The original Coolie No 1 wasn't that great, but at least the music was good with a few laughs in between. Varun Dhawan replacing Govinda with tons of over acting is a recipe for a disaster. However, it worked big time in Judwaa 2, so this formula of remaking movies can't go wrong at the box office. But this won't last a long time.

The only positives about this movie are Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav, Javed Akhtar and Johny Lever. When your supporting cast is so good and they are funnier and better than your lead cast, it speaks about how bad this film will end up to be. Varun over acts and Sara.. well looks good, but her Hindi is terrible in the 2 lines she was given.

They are definitely going to ruin the 2 songs from the original Coolie No 1, which are iconic till date. Bollywood isn't going to stop doing this. It's good this is releasing online, otherwise seeing another 150cr+ for such a film would mean disaster content for us audiences.

Farhad Samji has somehow done it again. I am now genuinely scared about Bachan Pandey. He can single handedly destroy films with his writing.

1.5* for the trailer!

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