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Heard Vishal had sung it originally, but since Bhai has joined team Thanos post-TZH, he made sure that the song s**ks. Watch the original one & you will realize that Bhai just murdered the song along with his chamchas.

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This has to be a joke. No one expected Salman to dance like Allu Arjun. But the lyrics are terrible!

There was no need to remake this song at all. It is just 4 years old and AA is quite popular among the northern audience.

Disha looks really good and dances well and Salman tries his best and tries to bring something new with his own signature step, but the lyrics is atrocious with Iulia's voice that everything falls flat. The only part that sounds good are the BGM of the original song.

High time he realises that he can't be calling all the shots everytime and has to work with some professionals rather than his friends. Tiger 3 is the only hope for this.

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BGM is decent. Lyrics are bad. Disha patani looks great though.

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13 million YT views in 12 hrs, with 25:1 likes dislikes ratio. What a great response!

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Three Parts Where The Song Sucks...
1. The "De De De" Part by Lulia.
2. The Lyrics.
3. Salman's Dance.

The original song was much better. Although I don't understand the language of the original but still that song sounds smoother than Radhe's version.

Not to mention that Allu's dance in the song, especially his steps and choreography in the main edm part was awesome to witness.

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As usual music is good but Salman's dancing steps weren't good. Neither the expressions.

Disha Patani was good.

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