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Decoding Ajay Devgn. The analysis of his career, his probable shortfalls, the opportunity that looms in the market and the threats that can pull him down. 

Over the years, SWOT analysis has been conventionally used to identify and analyze the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of an organization in the business world. It is among the most accepted principals, alongside PESTLE analysis, used in making a holistic business decision by the stakeholders. As a method, SWOT can be applied in all mediums of work, and in a first, we at Pinkvilla now bring this methodology to application for the top male and female stars of Bollywood. We take this segment forward with Ajay Devgn, and here’s decoding the factors that have worked in favour of, gone against as also, the opportunities waiting to be explored by bypassing the threats for the Boss.



Ajay Devgn is a visionary, no two ways about it. He is among those rare actors, who lives his dream of bankrolling multiple spectacles on a big budget. Be it Raju Chacha in the 2000s, or Shivaay in the 2010s’ or more recently, Tanhaji, the actor didn’t stop dreaming despite some setbacks before hitting the bulls eye. Not many know, but Devgn has a keen interest in technology too, and that pushed him towards opening his own VFX studio. The one’s close to Ajay also reveal that 90 on 100 times, the actor knows the outcome of his own films at the box-office, which is an indication of his understanding of cinema, once it translates to the audio video medium.

Being in the industry for over 25 years, Ajay has a phenomenal script sense and understanding of cinema, and given his line up to follow, he seems to be putting it to the right use by signing on for some of the most exciting film of his career. Having seen it all, he has certainly reserved this phase to do some of his best work in the years to follow.


Ajay Devgn and intense performances go hand in hand, and has been discussed millions of time. In-fact, the intensity one of his biggest strength as an actor. But in doing so, one often ignores his ability to make the audience laugh. Ajay has his own style of comedy, which the author terms as “serious comedy”. AJ has his unique flavour of humor, that’s explored best by Rohit Shetty and it’s the seriousness of him in a bizarre scenario that never fails to make the viewers laugh. And it’s his knack of doing comedies that has won him a fanbase in the family audience, particularly in the Gujarat belt. In the last 15 years, Ajay has acted in 12 films in the comic space, of which 10 are successful, speaking volumes about his hold in comedies.


Forever Underrated

Ajay Devgn is easily among the most successful actors of Hindi cinema, who has crossed the barrier of being active in the industry as a leading hero for over 25 years as also delivering 25 hit films. He is also among those, who has delivered bumper openers multiple times all through his career, but seldom do we see anyone speak about Ajay Devgn – The Star. He has always been underrated in this front, despite achieve a lot to consolidate his position as one of the most successful actors of Hindi cinema. Probably, a little better push to highlight these achievements. How many of our readers are aware that Ajay Devgn has not delivered an unsuccessful film for last 4 years? How many of our readers are aware that Ajay Devgn has over 40 successful films in his career? These are achievements that not more than 15 people can boast off in the history of Hindi cinema. While Ajay Devgn the actor has got due credit, it’s time for him to position and market his achievements a little better. Enough of being underrated. Enough of the trade terming a success as “surprise” as success is more of a habit for him now. Let the numbers speak.



He is the owner of a VFX company that polishes content for cinema across the nation, he is a technically sound director and also has his own production house – Ajay has a holistic exposure to all aspects of filmmaking. And this gives him the wings to imagine and take things to the next level. He could probably bring his dream to life using the visual effects, or bankroll a film to satisfy his creative buds, without being associated with the story in the capacity of an actor. The multi-dimensional approach would give him the bandwidth to streamline content and his presence in the same based on the merits. Given his reach and standing in the industry, he could possibility back stories as a producer, that would otherwise not see the light of day. This serves multiple purpose – different stories being told, and him getting credibility as a producer. So far, Ajay has not really expanded his base as a producer, but it’s certainly the right time to kick off the banner with it’s 2.0 version.


Commitment over Merit

This is a demon that multiple people in the industry are taken aback by. There have been instances when Ajay has picked up on a script only because of emotional reasons, notwithstanding the merits. And this has certainly taken a toll on his strike rate of delivering successful films. If that’s not enough, at times, his approach to the film is also visible in his performance. In the coming decade of his career, he should certainly do films based on merit, as success of every preceding film will help the next one, thereby elevating his standing in the industry. The roadblocks ought to be bypassed, as with him being in the 50s, this is certainly the last decade of him as a leading hero.


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I am sure Nikeel will comment on this and make a long post which will be explained well, but I'll put in my inputs :p

I agree with this post partially. I don't consider his strength to be Comedy. I only liked him in the first Golmaal film, but after that either films like SOS & Rascals released which was embarrassing, or other Golmaal/Dhamaal films where in Arshad Warsi and other side actors were better. Comedy just isn't for him as he has a serious expression on his face.

He kills it in serious roles and is good in action sequences. He is a visionary and wants to make some big films. Shivaay had some great action sequences but had an underwhelming plot. Probably shouldn't have directed this film and only starred in it. However he is still giving direction another go with Mayday which sounds promising.

He is under rated, and not that popular on social media in terms of number of followers. Unfortunately he is racially trolled for his skin colour but has still made a strong fan base for himself.

This is his golden phase with 5 back to back successful films, a record for him as he has never given a hattrick of hits in his 30 year career. Hopefully his next slate of releases are equally successful.

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Agree with you. In most comedy films of his, other actors performed better than him. It's just that all those did were successful

It's similar case with Salman as well in comedy films. It's the overall picture works rather than Salman.

And no one can match Akshay in comedy films. He is supreme


Exactly. Golmaal 3, Golmaal Again & Total Dhamaal became big hits because of his presence and star power. But his comic timing wasn't up to the mark here.

Salman is decent in comedy. I still enjoy watching Ready, however low the Imdb rating is. He hasn't ventured into comedy much, but he should try and out and out comedy for a change instead of the usual pot boiler masala films.

And Akshay in comedy. I can go on and on here. 2004-2007 was where he hit peak in comedy. 2008-12 he had a few decent comedy films but 2004-07 was another level. Majority of them have become memes now and few cult classics.

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Ajay Devgn is very ambitious when comes to grand-scale projects. He has a good mindset in terms of visual effects especially action sequences. His VFX company has a good reputation as many movies even from the South have used it for their films. As a producer, he's good as well and even invested money into Marathi films. His passion and love for cinema shows that he cares about audiences which is why he owns multiplex (NY Cinema) in different territories.

His main strength is Action and Intense drama which has made him what he is today. That too has given him a good mass following in Maharashtra. For example, Singham has gained him a fandom amongst Marathi-speaking audiences which is rare for a Hindi actor. In terms of comedy, I'd say he try his best but on the good side, it has gained him a family audience in Gujarat region. Golmaal and Total Dhamaal done very well in Gujarat due to his stardom. So, overall Ajay is very much popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat with love amongst the audience. His craze during Tanhaji release was one of the reasons why it done great business.


  • Multiplex pull but that's not his fault due to his looks. People have had this obsession with fair skin. Ajay too has been ridiculed for being dark.

  • As a fan, I usually criticise Ajay for not promoting his movies. His films lack ground marking and that explains the reason why his films don't have a good buzz.

Box Office

Ajay is the most underrated actor in terms of Box Office and he's underestimated. He made Rohit Shetty what he was he is today because was already an established actor in the 90s. After Zameen (Shetty's directional debut), no actor was willing to work with Shetty but Ajay gave him a chance which lead to Golmaal: Fun Unlimted followed by a sequel.

Just remember Phool Aur Kaante, Ishq and Tanhaji are bigger footfalls and Hits than all of Shetty's movies except Chennai Express. Those three movies I mentioned are not from brands because Ajay never depended on banners.

He has 4 Blockbusters, 25+Hits, 2cr Footfalls (3 movies), HGOTY, BGOTY and 2x 300cr WW and ect. I'm confident that Singham 3, Golmaal 5, Chanakya, Mayday, Kaithi remake and ect will be a game-changer for him at the BO.

Frankly, Ajay will always remain a superstar. I'm hopeful that he give more Blockbusters this decade because the best has yet to come.

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Ajay's best is yet to come. He hit top gear with Tanhaji and he has some potentially successful movies lined up. But I dont agree with his decision to come on OTT. Put in all your energies for the big screen, leave OTT to small time actors.

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