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They should wait till diwali..This movie deserve to be seen in theatre..Salman and his team out of their mind!!

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ZEE won't agree.


Then they can make deal with othersas well..Whats there in ZEE!!

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Easily the best promotional material released so far. And probably the best song of Salman since Dil Diya Gallan from TZH.

The VFx is terrible though, especially the red cloud/smoke scene.

The beats are very catchy and completely suits his persona. I guess this song is enough reason for any neutral fan to watch the film. Would have worked very well at the theatres (assuming good story plot)!

by Location Scout (4.9k points)
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Supercool Swag and song. Well picturized, Music is awesome with good drum beats behind.

by Set Designer (2.0k points)
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Just like the other songs, this one too is disappointing

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Seeti Maar hits 100 ml views in just 10 days.
69 th video of Megastar and 61 st song.

by Producer (114k points)

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