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The countdown for the big Eid 2021 release, the Salman Khan fronted Radhe, has begun. While the film is primarily an OTT release on the Zee Plex, Pay Per View format in India, the makers have gone all out to help the film fetch the best possible release in the overseas belt. Pinkvilla has learnt that the action thriller will release on approximately 750 to 800 screens in the overseas belt, with Gulf being the key contributor with a release on 350 screens. Being an event Salman Khan film, it would have released on 1200 plus screens in the overseas belt if not for Covid.

With two days remaining for the release, the film has got 350 plus screens in UAE, nearly 200 in USA, 83 in Australia, and 25 in New Zealand. The makers have managed to fetch nearly 75 screens in UK, which opens up for film exhibition from May 17. The remaining minuscle showcasing is from rest of the world, which make up for very small territories for Hindi film business. With Eid festivities round the corner, Radhe is expected to do well in the Gulf market, however, of the six territories – UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi – it’s just UAE and Saudi that is open at the moment, that too with some Covid restrictions on the occupancy front. The other territories are expected to open up through the Eid weekend in a phased manner.

Despite four territories being shut down, it’s commendable that makers have managed to fetch 350 screens for Radhe in Gulf, as Salman’s last release, Dabangg 3, had released on 404 screens across GCC. In terms of show count, the film is looking at over 700 shows in the Gulf market on its opening day. The exhibitors in the belt are hopeful to get their cash registers ringing in their cinema halls on the Eid day, considering Salman is the biggest star in Gulf at present. USA, Australia and New Zealand too are expected to be decent through the weekend, however, it’s all wait and watch considering that Radhe will be the first major Hindi release abroad over the last 15 months.

Bhumika Tewari, Head of Revenues and Distribution (India & Overseas), Zee Studios, confirmed the development to Pinkvilla saying, “We are close to 750 to 800 screens in the overseas market. We could have easily hit 1000 plus screens if cinema halls in multiple markets across the world were open. Gulf is our biggest market, and we are expecting Bahrain and Oman to open up on May 17, taking our total screen count of GCC to 400. We are getting encouraging reports from the cinema owners abroad with the way advances are moving. We are just keeping our fingers crossed.”

What is your opening weekend prediction of Radhe in the overseas market? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Hope it collects well in overseas

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