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My Review -

Radhe - Your Most Wanted Bhai is an ode to the Megastar & Megastar alone.

The film is credited to be the official adaptation of The Outlaws but mostly lives under the shadow of Khan's 2009 Hit Wanted. So, what we get to see on screen has hardly anything to do with the Korean blockbuster.

Rana (Randeep Hooda) & co, masquerading like the THREE EVIL MUSKETEERS, start conquering the areas of Mumbai to expand their drug business. They brutally start taking over the territories with violent killings. Radhe (Salman Khan) promises a school kid to bring his friend's killer to justice & vows to clean the city, mouthing the supremely famous Committment dialogue. He is pitted against the 3 baddies.

Diya (Disha Patani) & Avinash (Jackie Shroff) exist for comic relief despite being the main female lead & hero's superior at work respectively. Much of their attempt at comedy falls flat. There are plethora of actors playing baddies & even friendly colleagues to our hero, getting nothing much to do but stand beside the hero throughout.

Salman Khan gets to shine in a few Massy moments designed to get the fans wild. But a hackneyed script can only aided by the Megastar's aura so much. With nothing happening on the screen organically & no twists within the screenplay, the film mostly goes down post interval. The bad VFX & a damp climax fight inside chopper doesn't even give the film a chance no matter how much swag the biggest star of the country brings in.

In the end, films tries to celebrate it's main lead & does nothing to provide story wise. What we get is a tentpole filler of a film for a Megastar & sadly, this is what we have been getting since 2017. Atleast glad that this is no Race 3 & this seems to be an overused excuse after Bharat & Dabangg 3.

Salman Khan deserves better & with the wait for a good Salman film continuing, one can only hope the wait to end along with the coronavirus pandemic... sooner.

Rating - 2.5 / 5 [A very lenient one]


B grade movie. Salman Khan isn't even trying now. End of Khans era is nigh.

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One of the best mass entertainer..Loved it..Will definitely watch it again in theatre if releases!!!

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)
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Radhe starts off well, its enjoyable till about the half way mark. It goes down in the 2nd half and the climax is a total let down with the laughable VFX. Disha looks a million bucks and Jackie had nothing to do.

Salman's swag and style is something else....the man carries substandard content on the strength of his stardom like none else. Can we please have the 2010-2016 Salman back please?

Rating: 2.5/5

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Story- As Mumbai’s youth are falling prey to rampant drug abuse, suspended cop Radhe (Salman Khan) is recalled for a clean-up mission. But Radhe is up against a dangerous new outlaw Rana (Randeep Hooda), who will stop at nothing to rule the city.
Sounds similar to outlaws right, well except for the Much hyped Bathroom fight and Smoke fight, it has nothing much to do with Outlaws. It actually tried too hard to ape Salman's cult hit "Wanted ".
Actually they could have easily escaped by calling it as an original one, people who were excited to watch Bollywood version of Outlaws would be disappointed.

Based entirely in Mumbai, ‘Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai’ is a Salman Khan actioner that doesn’t try to be anything else, ever. Radhe is an encounter specialist with 97 encounters and 23 transfers to his credit, in the last 10 years. Now, as the city is in the grip of a dreaded drug mafia, it’s time for Radhe to make a comeback, though don't expect it to educate you about the big crisis drugs addiction is or how to combat it.
It's just a mean to celebrate the Megastar Prabhudheva relies heavily on Salman’s star-power, style and swag to drive the narrative and it works when our leading man is packing a punch. He gets some massy moments right though but overall it falls flat due to thin plot.

Disha & Jackie are used as a filler for comic relief and Jackie actually manage to chuckle your funny bones some times. For such a typical big-ticket Bollywood potboiler, most of what Radhe features, is on expected lines. For such films, the battle is always about striking a balance between falling for the clichés and offering some novelty, whilst keeping the entertainment quotient high. Director Prabhudheva, of course, gives into many such temptations that potentially derail the narrative, but thanks to the relentless action and a formidable villain, the film remains watchable, in parts.
It's length is it's biggest positive that allows it to be a Fast paced narrative so you may not like some proceedings but you won't be bored like Bhai's previous outings like Prdp, Race3, Bharat, Dabangg 3 did
The action (by Myeonghaeng and Anbariv) is raw, brutal and stylish with quite a lot of bloodshed.
However, there are way too many distractions along the way. Leading among them is the film’s heroine Disha Patani and her brother Jacky's track with Salman which is silly and cute at the same time.
They have actually tried to make a wholesome movie keeping Salman's image in mind out of an out and out Gangster movie, so it fails to keep you on edge of your seats. After a point it becomes so predictable because the screenplay offers no twist and thrill.
What follows after Gani bhai enters mumbai in wanted is one of the most gripping portion in the history of cinema but here the proceedings are back and forth without any engaging situations.
It works in parts not entirely.
Randeep and Pravin tarde left marks though. They have that energy which really stands out, Randeep is cool, calm and engaging at the same time , no doubt best performer of the movie.
All urgency comes to a grinding halt when its song and dance time with her grooving to some peppy beats in songs that are very inopportunely placed.The background score (by Sanchit and Ankit Balhara) is loud but adds to the impact where needed.
You can gauge how hurriedly the screenplay and dialogues were written after Inshallah was shelved that it doesn't respect our sensibilities, you won't believe someone like Vijay shourya who has written dialogues of gully boy written such poetic and childish dialogues.
Talking about performance of Bhai, there are good performances and there are bad performances but what he has delivered in Radhe is called disrespectful performance, Bhai at least be honest with your fans, we know it's a hero worshipping movie but the hero doesn't seem interested. , in some of the scenes he tries and in some of the scenes he doesn't care at all
Like the scene at police station right after he promised the kid to clean the city is outright disrespectful, I felt so ashamed in front of my parents who have grown up watching him in iconic movies like MPK, Hahk
It's not like it totally failed, it succeeded in pandering Bhai fans with so many Super hero moments which would have greeted with a lot of whistles and cheering in theaters. It's a movie made for theaters..
The Screenplay writers, Dialogues writers have a serious reason to worry.
I would have been alot more soft if not for that climax

Eid is synonymous with Bhaijan that we understand but we don't need such hurried product just for the sake of Eid, we have celebrated so many hero worshipping movies in past , what we lacked this time is a bound script and uninterested Salman.
Same Salman used to carry a half baked product on his shoulder (Ex Ready and bodyguard), we need that Salman back who used to lightened up the whole auditorium with his charisma, who used to rose above the script.
Finally if it gets binded by a proper script then only sky is limit, I feel very happy due to fans who have paid 249/499/- to watch Bhai at home in bulk numbers when they had the easy option to watch it via Piracy, Radhe did the best a pvod release in India can do
Now it's time for the most loved Bhai to repay his fans.
Hopefully the wait will end soon.
My ratings 2/5* (Very leniently rated)
Verdict It's better than Salman's previous outings

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
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Story And Screenplay:
The Story is actually pretty good for a mass entertainer nothing unique but was good enough for a commercial flick
Screenplay is fast since the runtime is short but doesn't really help the film in a good way

Acting and Direction:
Salman just sleepwalks throughout the movie
Disha well she does what she is there for
Jackie Shroff being used as a comic relief was stupid
Saw praises for Randeep's character he was just a one dimensional villain character still Randeep does well
Rest all other cast literally have nothing to do much
Now coming to direction wtf is wrong with prabhudeva dude you are from South of all the people in the Bollywood atleast one would expect him to good hero elevation scenes but nah he just can't even I would have directed a better film than him

Music And BGM:
All the songs are forgetful with the best being Radhe Title track which is a credits song so you can imagine
The title track is used as bgm throught the movie and actually that should have elevated the scenes since that song is good but the bgm adds no impact to any scene

Special mention to VFX since it was that bad I mean why include a mid air helicopter fight as climax when you aren't paying that much for VFX the film was going for a solid 2 star from myself before that climax

Final Verdict: 1.5/5
My expectations weren't much from this after what Prabhudeva did with D3 but this still was a remake so I thought he can make a decent film but damn he can't even do a decent let alone good hero elevation scene forget a whole mass movie
It isn't as bad as Race 3 but that is a bar too low overall a forgetful commercial flick
Well it's been 4 years now since we saw Salman in a good hero elevation scene 4 years without a satisfactory eidi honestly there isn't much to look forward other than Tiger 3

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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well watching other reviews it's a sure shot on the lines of race3 , atleast salman escaped one more flop due to covid
trailer was enuff to realize how the movie would be so cant waste 250rs for it

by Set Designer (2.0k points)
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Radhe : Another installment into Salman Khan's mindless franchise

Randeep Hooda once said that Salman Khan has always supported him. We've seen Randeep in supporting roles in Sultan & Kick. But when it comes to Radhe, I guess Randeep helped Salman Bhai instead considering the role he had to play.

The movie starts with his character Rana, shouting the line "New Place, New Business, I love it!" after arriving in Mumbai to spread his drugs smuggling cartel from Delhi, with his two sidekicks who are with Rana all the time. And to stop Rana and the drug snugglings that's making youth and students addicted, criminals and often commit suicide, the encounter specialist Radhe is appointed! Rest is the story.

Well, even though the movie has been promoted as a sequel to Wanted, and Radhe also utters his popular "commitment" line from Wanted, there are no links between both the movies. Wanted was a remake of Pokkiri, while Radhe being a remake of Korean action-thriller "The Outlaws", which was a very entertaining flick. All the makers had to do was copying that movie in the Mumbai backdrop, but instead the creative mind of Prabhudeva sir decided to add a pointless love story between Radhe and Disha Patani's character (not to mention that everytime Salman & Disha romances, it looks weird and unbearable), some item songs and Salman Khan with dialogues that makes no sense at all!

There is just one good thing about the movie (if you don't consider Randeep Hooda's performance as a plus point, as even his character was poorly developed), and that's the runtime. It's an hour and 49 minutes long which is probably the shortest movie of Salman Khan recently. And because of the quick screenplay, the narrative is fast paced and it becomes possible to finish the movie in one go.

I am not a kind of person who bashes a Salman Khan movie just because it's his. I watch Kick everytime it airs on TV. But if I have to list Radhe along with Salman's other recent flicks, then Radhe definitely falls in "Race 3" category. Radhe is not even a cat & mouse movie, leave aside cat & mouse 'thriller'. The cops doesn't have guns with 'em when they need it (otherwise Salman could've finished Rana in the first meeting itself, or even if his fellow female cop had a gun with her), his sidekicks are there just to be catched by police only to escape and catch again and leave again by the police (chronology until the movie wraps up), and Radhe always decides to not chase Rana after a fight sequence when he always has the chance to catch him, just to drag the movie so that we can see some more weird scenes of Disha & Salman together. Even poor Jacky Shroff had a role he'd definitely not like to remember. And talking about 'song placements', the "Seeti Maar" song comes in the most unreasonable place. Tbh, none of the songs work in the movie, and they could've easily been avoided.

In short, Radhe is just another Salman Khan's mindless commercial potboiler that producers expects to work just on Salman Khan's charm, but he's losing that as well by continuously providing us below average flicks with the same lame formula. He should now understand that his movies should be like either "Tiger Zinda Hai" or "Bajrangi Bhaijaan". Trying to replicate the success of Wanted or Dabangg ain't going to work with the current audience.

by Set Designer (2.4k points)

And sorry to say, spending 249 for one movie to watch on TV or mobile is not really my cup of tea. So I've chosen the easier option of watching it in PocketTV (A free app of course that uploads HD prints of recent movies to stream online). And that's I guess what most of Radhe's viewers going to do.

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Well I have seen up to the point where the Jacqueline's song comes aur utna hi ho para hai yr sacchi bolo toh.
MEGASTAR at his usual self once again.

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

250 rs kharch kia tune. Kam se kam khatm kar leta movie.

or was it.. ? :p

After seeing the reviews of die hard Salman fans on YouTube who literally called him out and said its a disaster, I am staying away from this one!


Nahi kiya yr ek bhi paisa kharch. Paisa kharch karne layak lagni bhi toh chahiye thi movie. I watched this on Thop Tv as much as I could.(whew)

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salman became a businessman too like king just caring about his money and not fans

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

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