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Radhe grossed a little under $2m over its first weekend with around $1.875 million. The bulk of the collections came from Gulf with UAE hitting the $1m for the weekend but the lower collections in UAE on Saturday meant a drop of business for the film and on Sunday there is never any business from UAE.

Australia was next best with collections of Au$350k while the film grossed around $200k in USA. The hope for the film was mainly the Gulf market and although numbers the best compared to other places it maybe should have done a little better over the Eid period. Radhe with a South Indian feel for the film is not really for the US and Aus markets.

The film will open in UK today (Monday) at some places while at others through the week but again its not a film for the UK market and those who really want to see would have seen on pirate prints over the weekend.. The first weekend business of Radhe in Overseas markets is as follows.

Thursday - $675,000 apprx

Friday - $600,000 apprx

Saturday - $400,000 apprx

Sunday - $200,000 apprx

TOTAL - $1,875,000 apprx

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I just hope that it crosses 100 crore Worldwide :D

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It has crossed 100 cr on first day itself!!


100cr in one day!!!! so lifetime will be 500cr with extreme negative wom...Bajragi Baijan would have made 1500cr if it was released directedly on OTT ...it means here on all salman movies will be released on ott platform...saare theatre ab close ho jayenge.


Santosh: hmmm


Agar official figure ko believe nahi karna toh we have to doubt every movies collection too..May be none of the film in history ever touched 100 cr....Maybe producer are just bluffing for every film!!!

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