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Radhe was poor on Monday as collections dropped in all markets. The film collected in the $100-125k range which means the total collections of the film are in the $2 million range. The film opened in UK on Monday on limited screens and the response was mediocre.



The film will open on the main properties for the NRI community on Wednesday but its a late release and its unlikely to alter its trajectory in UK. The lifetime business of the film is set to be under $3 million though may just cross the $2.5 million mark..

The $2.5 million plus will be mainly due to UAE  which will contribute over 50% of the total. The business of Radhe in Overseas markets till date is as follows.



Thursday - $675,000 apprx


Friday - $600,000 apprx


Saturday - $400,000 apprx


Sunday - $200,000 apprx


Monday - $100,000 apprx



TOTAL - $1,975,000 apprx


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Was always going to be on the cards. Wait for Tiger 3 to unleash real box office potential.

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